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The generic pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It is a continually changing and highly competitive one. Uneven regulatory requirements, poor market conditions, fluctuating prices and quality of product are just some of the obstacles that pharmaceutical companies have to surmount.

Strategic Alliances:

In such a challenging arena, FIRMLINK’s market penetration and strategic vision plays a crucial role. We have been leveraging the strengths of our partners to successfully build products, enhance growth and bring new drugs to market, at the most cost-effective rate. This sets us apart – especially in the new pharmerging regions.

The FIRMLINK Strategic Alliance model spans the entire value chain. We identify areas of opportunity that help our partners to expand their reach while they continue to focus on their core business. Utilizing the inherent advantages of collaboration, we launch new products and ensure the best deals possible for our partners.

For more than a decade we have developed a global awareness coupled with deep local expertise and a very wide network of companies in many pharmerging regions.


Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A):

Two major factors, above several others, are propelling changes in the pharma industry. One is the continuously escalating costs of developing drugs and introducing them to market. The other is increasingly complex regulatory requirements around the world. This is where M & A has become a fundamental tool of the the pharma industry to build new platforms and grow businesses.

FIRMLINK has the resources, capabilities, competencies and a large web that enables us to look for, spot and help acquire companies or brands. We are able to mesh the requirements of potential partners and work out the best fit, keeping their respective preferences and strategies front and center.

Crucial to this process is our rigorous due diligence of the assets of potential partners. We share the value propositions with both sides. We are able to source and offer breakthrough patented or patentable treatments to potential buyers. This gives them not so common opportunities to increase their portfolios, market size and that much needed edge.

FIRMLINK diligently addresses your inorganic growth.