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The global generic pharmaceutical arena is increasingly competitive and crowded. The myriad complicated regional regulations add further hurdles. Large companies are progressively moving in with their own sourcing and business development teams. To meet these challenges we have positioned ourselves as an efficient and cost effective facilitator, acting as the lead scout for our international-minded partners.

FIRMLINK’s value to clients lies in the ability to identify product sources ahead of the competition. Because of our intimate knowledge of emerging and regional markets we are often in a position to provide incremental value for our customers and vendors. More often than not we are able to get lower prices than the wish prices of our sourcing partners, all the while saving them precious costs inherent in unknown territories. This allows our partners to focus more on their core strengths.

We carry out robust due diligence on every one of our growing network of suppliers. Our worldwide network of carefully selected vendors offer a wide range of formulations. We deliberately focus on niche, un-crowded segments or difficult to develop products across select high growth therapeutic categories. We firm up practically manageable volumes and assured commercially-viable long term supplies. After looking at all other aspects, we then carefully examine sourcing practices and possibilities in order to present our value proposition to potential partners.


FIRMLINK constantly strives to give current and potential partners the best of all possible worlds. To that end we have scouted and laid the groundwork in new and emerging territories. For instance we are working to begin supplying to and sourcing from Brazil, the Middle East and Maghreb region, especially Algeria and the GCC. Bangladesh, Taiwan and Brazil offer attractive sourcing options with their well evolved local manufacturing and R&D bases. Markets like India, US, Algeria and Korea are, for us, essential as strong sourcing hubs.

FIRMLINK goes beyond the expectations of clients.

With Firmlink you get:

  • Early product identification
  • Application of global experience locally
  • Market-Driven volume arrangements
  • Milestone based monitoring
  • Demonstrated forecasting capabilities
  • Quality, Price & Cost consciousness