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FIRMLINK has proven to be a dependable, pro-active, resourceful and pioneering partner in product development. We take a product from concept ideation to market specific introduction and roll out. Our capabilities and knowledge span the entire generic pharmaceutical chain. Our knowledge of the pharmaceutical product development process gives us the vision to identify opportunities before others and enable a speedy ramp-up. This adds considerable value to our services.


We advise and support every aspect of development including raw material sourcing, product pack design and formulation development, product registration all the way to market launch. We bring our capabilities to bear on the product wish list, formulation challenges and tie up with suitable developers.

By setting practically manageable milestones, we ensure developed products have a marketing advantage. At the development stage we establish the regulatory pathway and conduct product dossier vetting. We chase up and complete product approvals and MA’s competency.

We are front-runners in successfully sourcing and launching differentiated products. FIRMLINK has the largest generic registration foot print in Taiwan with over 125 products approved / or in the pipeline. We have multiple product supply agreements with the Top 5 generic players in the Philippines.

FIRMLINK is the first company to take major Bangladeshi pharma majors into markets such as Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia. So far we have introduced over 350 products across 8 markets: Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Brazil, Colombia and Bangladesh. Of these over 50 were developed based on specific customer requirements. These have radically improved the timeliness of our deliverables to over 85 percent.

FIRMLINK is a natural partner-of-choice for your product development needs.

Partnering with FIRMLINK gives you:

  • Access to a large variety of product developers
  • Knowledge of hidden development nuances
  • Quality finished products
  • Additional time
  • Greater market access
  • Prolonged revenue life
  • Product profitability
  • Potential First to Market