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The international generic pharmaceutical market is spread across several geographical zones and is expected to reach US$435 billion by 2025, growing at the rate of around 10.8% & projected to be US$ 1770 billion by 2050 as a big 46% chunk of the total market. Furthermore the pharmerging markets of APAC, including Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Middle East and select parts of Africa & Latin America will contribute 60% of value growth to the world market by 2020. This is an alluring picture.

However, it is highly competitive, populated by many manufacturers of uncertain products. It is further compounded by a host of uneven and complex regulatory regimes. Profit sustainability, growth potential, entry issues and evolving regulatory needs make for a daunting scenario for generic players. FIRMLINK views these challenges as windows of opportunity to be seized and converted to revenues. We are sharply focused on pharmerging markets, specifically the ones difficult to enter.

FIRMLINK has the distinct advantage of long experience and knowledge of these regions. We have been designing customized marketing models based on size, profitability, growth potential, level of competition and regulatory trends for our partners. Our domain knowledge of most major pharmerging markets allows us to identify ideal markets and forge alliances within them. We have been putting together beneficial and sustainable relationships in these markets. We continue to penetrate the existing markets and regularly source out new products and introduce them to our partners.


FIRMLINK has developed great competencies and expertise in the identification and development of new products. We are acutely conscious of margin pressures and need for speedy execution of projects and meeting timelines. We at Firmlink are a reliable global consulting service that will proactively assist and support you at every step of the pharmaceutical development road.

FIRMLINK is not a trader or an agent. Our value-added services are based on transparent partnerships and collaborations maximizing margins and sharing incremental value with our partners. We have a history of successful collaborations.

FIRMLINK is synonymous with International Pharma Business Development.

Firmlink understands:

  • The complexities and challenges of different environments
  • The regulatory issues of the countries in our operational area
  • The need for speedy execution and completion of projects
  • The impact and pressures of margins
  • The need to explore and penetrate new markets