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Asiapac: The moving Center of Gravity of the Pharma Industry

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Key Global Market Trends & What Firmlink Offers

  • TREND: Differentiated & newer dosage forms being requested to provide longer profit life cycle for products.
    OUR SOLUTION: Firmlink diligently works to have reliable sources for inhalers, DPIs, Specialty injectable, Patches, Oral Dissolving Films, Biopharma products besides value added & combo products in Oral Solid category.
  • TREND: Customers want ready registrations / approvals and ready to launch products.
    OUR SOLUTION: Firmlink proactively registers and offers approved or close to approval products to assist its front-end customers.
  • TREND: Strong regulatory & governmental handling needed with more governments’ intervention in price –setting, compulsory licensing & regulatory hurdles for new entrants.
    OUR SOLUTION: Firmlink works through the ever-evolving regulatory maze to let its partners focus on their core strengths while we handle the back end.
  • TREND: BGx : Branded Generics is the biggest growth driver in the generics space.
    OUR SOLUTION: Firmlink works out arrangements to get products Branded to ensure promotion efforts, prolong the promotion cycle.
  • TREND: Respiratory , Oncology & CNS most promising areas for generic growth.
    OUR SOLUTION: Firmlink has developed accredited sources with sound dossiers in these therapeutic Areas.
  • TREND: Newer sources /countries with PICs approvals provide more sustainable options.
    OUR SOLUTION: Firmlink has signed arrangements with sources in Bangladesh , Taiwan , Indonesia, Korea , Algeria, GCC , Canada, Australia besides India & EU to provide a diverse option.

Asia – Moving center of gravity of the Pharma industry


Seismic Shifts in Regulatory Practices