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For a pharmaceutical company to stay viable and profitable in the rapidly evolving global drug universe it has to be agile and stay ahead of the competition. FIRMLINK has two key service offerings that help potential partners to control and nimbly advance their growth strategy.


A key and increasingly important service offering by FIRMLINK is licensing.  The in-licensing and out-licensing component of the pharmaceutical industry is growing, in part, because of the influx of smaller, specialized, innovative and focused players.  Licensing is a great time-saver, which is off the utmost essence in the fast and diversely developing the medical world.  It also meets the specific business needs and situations of individual companies.  Licensed products are increasingly bringing in higher proportions of revenues and certainly of profits.  They are a major part of our overall business development approach.

It is difficult for pharmaceutical companies to find products that are in sync with their prevailing portfolios and development pipelines.  Another tough matter for companies is marketing their products in new and emerging markets.  At FIRMLINK our eager eyes are sharpened by over a decade of looking. We are able to identify and analyze fresh ideas.  We recognize the potential and opportunities afforded by in-licensing or out-licensing, across geographies, of new and suitable products and even newer dosage forms.

Licensing is a useful tool for companies looking to grow their markets and enrich their portfolios, without having to reinvent the wheel!

Technology Transfer

The process of technology transfer in the global pharmaceutical industry is indispensable. The successful advancement of the entire chain, starting from drug discovery, moving sequentially to product development, clinical trials, meeting regulatory requirements to market availability is vitally dependent upon it.

The effectiveness and success of technology transfer is profoundly reliant on the fit of the two parties. FIRMLINK has developed the knowledge and expertise with respect to timelines, cost, assessment of product quality, regulations and the intricacies of technology transfers. We have the tools and mature strategies to execute the transfer of technology between different organizations.

We have cultivated and nurtured an extensive and solid base of select partners in many geographical regions. They offer niche or cutting edge technology, ready to be transferred to ripe sites, which can be licensed for a market or a set of markets. Technology transfer is a clear pathway to a strong profit line and business growth. It is also the quickest way to exploit the local existing production, distribution and marketing infrastructure of potential partners. Rather than spending years developing and building those themselves.

Utilizing FIRMLINK’s capabilities across geographies means assured success.


Working with FIRMLINK you get:

  • Rapid access to new ready-to-transfer products
  • Assured Projects after thorough due –diligence
  • Willing, specialized, innovative partners
  • Assured growth and profits
  • To launch products in new and unfamiliar markets